Christmas dancing restrictions. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

Dancing will not be allowed in entertainment venues at Christmas, the General Director of Public Health, Maria Antònia Font said on Wednesday, when asked if nightlife venues may open for the holidays.

“As the curve goes down, we will lighten the measures, but it is important that we get used to the fact that there are some things we won’t be able to do again for quite some time," she warned. "Nightlife venues will probably be converted into rooms, but dancing will not be allowed because of the risk of contagion that entails. The wave is going down and we have rounded the second curve, but there will probably be a third."

Dr Javier Arranz, Spokesperson for the Autonomic Committee of Infectious Diseases is convinced that there will be a third coronavirus wave and stressed that “we must work as if it will happen tomorrow and be prepared.”

“We are continuously working with the Nightlife Sector and are fully aware of the difficulties that the Sector is going through because of the measures that we’ve been forced to adopt and the life changes caused by the pandemic,” added Font.


Dr Arranz said no decision had been made about restrictions on family gatherings at Christmas, although he did point out that infections are likely to increase during the holidays because that's when more people get together.