Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma. | Arguiñe Escandón


The Government, the Balearic Travel Agencies Group, Aviba and Hotel Associations in Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza are planning to launch a discount tourist voucher to encourage inter-island travel.

A similar project was launched by the Junta de Andalusia on October 1 and the Generalitat Valenciana will introduce discounts on October 20.

“The tourist voucher is an initiative to boost travel and stimulate tourism within the Balearic Islands after the stoppage caused by the coronavirus,” said Aviba President, Francesc Mulet. “Although it’s not finalised yet, the advantages include a 25% discount on all inter-island trips up to a maximum of 300 euros. The discount vouchers are valid until June 1, 2021 and residents can use them three times for holidays in the low and middle season.”

Aviba and the Government plan to meet shortly to discuss the development, commercialisation and fine-tuning of the project to maximise the impact in each of the Islands.

The discounts will only be applied to tourist packages bought from a travel agency, because Aviba wants to boost their activity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tourist packages

The tourist packages will include flights or boat fares, hotel reservations, airport transfers and excursions.

“Air and sea traffic will grow above average and provide a niche market for hotels that are open on the Islands," said Mulet, "and cultural, gastronomic and tourism excursions, such as cycling and hiking will also be available."

The price of the package tours will vary depending on the category of hotel travellers choose, but will cost 150-250 euros for a two-night stay.

“The price will be increased according to the nights booked in the hotels, as well as the services chosen, such as breakfast, half board or full board," said Mulet.

The Key

Son Sant Joan Airport registered 513,068 passengers last month, 86.4% less than in 2019; 8,972 planes took off or landed, which is a drop of 65.1% year-on-year and so far this year 5.2 million passengers have been registered at Palma Airport which is a fall of 78.8%.


Tourism and Labour Minister, Iago Negueruela told Parliament on Tuesday that the Central Government has initiated contact with European countries to create safe air corridors between regions with the same epidemiological levels of Covid-19.

Travel Agents

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the closure of four travel agencies in the Balearic Islands since mid-March when the State of Emergency was declared and according to Aviba, at the moment there are 100 associated companies.

Covid-19 Protocols

The discount voucher project meets all Ministry of Health protocols in terms of health protection for air and sea travel, catering, culture, leisure and hotels.