In Lloseta, the use of barbecues was banned at the start of the year because of damage to facilities.


Forty-seven natural recreational areas managed by the Ibanat agency have been closed in order to avoid health risks.

The Balearic health ministry announced this measure on Thursday. The text on the Official Bulletin stated that "to avoid any type of overcrowding, these recreational areas will be closed, and the recreational use of fire and all infrastructure prohibited". The fire is a reference to barbecue facilities. Other infrastructure includes tables and toilets.

The health ministry explained that access is free to these areas and that Ibanat personnel from the environment ministry cannot control capacity or carry out disinfection tasks. Up to a thousand people can gather in some of these areas, and it is not possible to ensure safe distancing.

These areas are specifically the facilities, which can also include playgrounds, which have already been closed anyway.