The positive test rate has dropped to 3.23%. | Gemma Andreu


A positive development with the positive test rate. The health ministry's Friday report shows a rate of 3.23%. This comes from 82 new positive cases and 2,539 tests. The rate was up to 6.31% on Thursday, having been 4.7% on Wednesday.

The total number of people being attended to by IB-Salut has come down from 2,641 to 2,563. In all, there have been 15,925 cases since March. The total number of recoveries (subject to updating) is 12,741.

Fourteen more people have left hospital, and another 183 have recovered. In intensive care units, the number of patients in Majorca has dropped by one to 35. There are two patients in ICU in both Ibiza and Minorca. On the wards, there are eleven fewer patients in Majorca (116), and one fewer in both Ibiza and Minorca - 28 and four respectively.

The health ministry has confirmed two more fatalities - the total since the start of the pandemic is now 334.