Francina Armengol, President of the Government in Parliament. | Pere Bota


Coronavirus infections have gone down in the Balearic Islands, but just when we thought we might see an end to the restrictions, the President of the Government, Francina Armengol has announced that social gatherings between family or friends are now limited to a maximum of 6 people.

The tighter measures are being introduced in Mallorca and Ibiza to reduce Covid-19 infection she said during her speech at the General Policy Debate.

“The situation in the Balearic Islands is not good, although we are amongst the top three Autonomous Communities least affected by the second wave of this pandemic,” she said and warned that "if the curve does not go down, we will consider taking more measures.”

President Armengol also stated that Balearic society has made "an immense, exemplary and descriptive effort, but based on expert recommendations it is necessary to make a greater effort."

She added that she is aware that “this measure is tough and takes us away from those we love the most, but we know that social contacts are the origin of many infections which we must avoid.”

Throughout her speech, President Armengol claimed that restrictive action, amongst other things, “has led to a significant improvement in health figures in the last two months,” and that from August 29 to date the accumulated incidence in 14 days has gone from 521 to 140 in the Balearic Islands.”

She stated that although the Balearic Islands have managed to lower the curve, the incidence has "stagnated" at a higher level than in the first wave of the pandemic.

"A rebound in a third wave cannot catch us with such high levels of affectation", she said. “that is why the Government will not hesitate to apply more measures.”


Our objective is to reach the low risk zone; to decrease the 140 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days that we have now to less than 50; to reduce the 69.5 cases in seven days to less than 25; to keep the positivity rate below 5%; to have less than 5% of hospital beds occupied by Covid-19 patients and to reduce ICU occupation from 14% to under 10%. That’s our goal,” she said “and we cannot stand idly by.”

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