Medieval ceiling found in Palma. | T. Ayuga

Construction workers who've been renovating a building near Plaça de Can Tagamanent in Palma old town since last year, have found a polychrome coffered ceiling that dates back to the 13th or 14th century.

A History or Art History specialist is always on site when projects are carried out in the old town and details of the find have been recorded.

“They asked for the building permit and the procedure was normal and ordinary, but suddenly they found this ceiling,” said a Gerència d’Urbanisme Spokesperson. "When the works have to do with the subsoil they must be approved by the Consell and the details included in a report."

“It is a very interesting building and of course its very good news because it’s been conserved and is practically intact,” said the Patrimoni del Consell. “Important finds often occur when old buildings are remodelled or renovated and the city continues to deliver surprises like this one.”

Both the Town Hall and the Consell have commended the owner and the architect in charge, Jaume Oliver, for their collaboration and their efforts to preserve and protect the find.

“They have made it easy even though they have had to carry out several modifications to the project, which is very much appreciated,” they said and admitted, “that doesn’t always happen, many people find elements that could be important financially speaking and they don’t say or do anything."