The bar in question where Francina Armengol was. | ATIENZA

A witch hunt has been launched at the local police headquarters in central Palma to discover who leaked the story of Balearic President Francina Armengol being in a bar into the early hours to our sister newspaper, Ultima Hora.

Officers were called to the establishment in the capital following complaints from neighbours. To their amazement they discovered Armengol outside. She later admitted that she had been there until 1am and the owner said that she had drunk a single gin tonic, according to press reports.

But the Balearic President had effectively broken the coronavirus protocol which her own government had introduced which limits the opening times of bars and the sale of alcohol.

Red faced officials at the Balearic government had desperately tried to cover up the story and there were heated telephone calls to the local police. But in the end all was revealed.

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Opposition parties are calling for last orders from Armengol with the right-wing political group Vox saying that her career is on the rocks.