What the development might look like.

Capdepera town hall has placed a value of 1.2 million euros on four plots of land in Cala Gat by the lighthouse.

At the council meeting in February, there was agreement to ask the Council of Mallorca and the Balearic government to purchase these plots and to then declassify them in order to ensure protection of an emblematic part of Capdepera.

Mayor Rafel Fernández explains that the town hall valuation is one million euros lower than what its technical personnel believe a court would judge to be a fair price. Individually, the town hall's valuations for the plots range from 224,982 euros to 420,341 euros.

The upper area by the lighthouse is classified as urban land, meaning that it can be developed. In January 2019, there was approval for the provision of services, indicating that requirements would be in place to grant building licences.

Més, in opposition, insisted that there would a negative visual impact, "an attack on the landscape", and so a study was commissioned in order to visualise the potential impact. The study indicates that the plots, once they are built on, would alter the visual landscape; they would not go "unnoticed".