The Hat Bar affair came up in parliament on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey

President Armengol insisted in parliament on Tuesday that she has "clearly" explained the Hat Bar episode, and she once again apologised for the image that this may have conveyed.

The leader of Vox, Jorge Campos, accused the president of hiding, manipulating and pressurising the investigation of the affair. He again called on her to resign so that she ceases to "damage the image of the Balearics, having lost her authority".

Campos wanted to know the president's position with regard to the opening hours of bars and restaurants. Armengol defended the government's management, stressing that, since the start of the pandemic, measures had followed the criteria of health experts in order to prevent infections and deaths.

The Vox leader argued that the president had skipped measures that she herself had dictated. He said that no other senior politician at a European level who had been "hounded" for breaching regulations had not resigned or been dismissed.