Graph showing new positive cases on the Balearic Islands. |

On Tuesday, the health ministry reported 195 new positive cases. These were from 2,191 tests, a rate of 8.9%. Of the 195, 125 are in Mallorca, 63 in Ibiza, six in Minorca and one in Formentera. The R rate is at present 1.28. The official number of deaths has gone up by two to 366.

A total of 155 more people have recovered, 25 of whom had been in hospital. On the wards there are 117 patients in Mallorca, 36 in Ibiza and two in Minorca. The total of 155 is down by three from Monday. There are 45 patients in intensive care, one more than Monday: 36 in Mallorca, five in Ibiza and four in Minorca.

Testing in Ibiza

Away from the hospitals, primary care is monitoring 2,002 people in Mallorca, 395 in Ibiza, 110 in Minorca and two in Formentera.

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The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic now stands at 17,708. The latest figure for the total number of recoveries is 14,090; this does lag behind the other data slightly.