Majórica, Mallorca. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Majórica will decide on Wednesday whether to close all of its stores in Mallorca, according to General Manager, Didier Grupposo.

The company has already told employees that it will file for bankruptcy in the coming days.

Majórica had originally proposed that it would only close the Porto Cristo store, but the coronavirus lockdown in Manacor could change everything.

“The company has a group of private investors, some of whom are from Mallorca and are willing to buy Majórica and give it a viability,” said Grupposo. "The bankruptcy does not necessarily imply the definitive cessation of all activity and the investors are sensitive to maintaining jobs.”

The company employs around 280 people, 100 of them are in Manacor.

In mid-June, some of the workers went from full ERTE to part-time ERTE which allowed some of the stores to open, but production is at a complete standstill.