Cala Torta chiringuito.

Cala Torta chiringuito.

27-10-2020Maria Nadal

It’s the end of an era in Cala Torta.

A pile of rubble and wood is all that’s left of the famous beach bar that was incredibly popular with tourists and residents and part of the landscape for more than 50 years.

Cala Torta chiringuito.

The Central Government ordered that it be torn down when the concession expired in July, 2018, ruling that only sustainable and detachable facilities be allowed to operate in the area. It finally closed to the public last year.

Artà City Council has priority over the new tender and the Ajuntament has already announced its intention to recover the concession in Cala Torta.

Cala Torta chiringuito.


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Andrew / Hace about 1 year

It really makes me laugh, the Mallorcan authorities and locals bemoan that the large number of tourists are causing the local infrastructure to crumble (rather than reinvesting into it) and make them feel unwelcome. But now the tourists have dried up due to covid, they're pleading for borders to reopen.

Perhaps when tourism recommences they may show a little appreciation and humility in accepting just how reliant they are the tourist euros!!


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Whatever replaces it will have a tough job to win people over and could never be as authentic as that place. Had a memorable seafood platter there a few years back, which was delicious and the ambiance, look, feel and smell was of a genuine beach bar on a great little beach too. Shame.


JohnG / Hace about 1 year

Another coup for the anti-tourist legislators and another reason to go elsewhere in Spain once this Covid pandemic is over. Look at what’s happened to Es Trenc. Now almost a rubbish dump. The beach bars disposed of the waste material they produced. The beaches would really look more attractive now with a few builders skips here and there with camouflage paint in order to blend in with the natural environment. A few more people’s jobs down the S bend