Greenpeace last week drew attention to this dump in Felanitx. | Jaime Reina


Plataforma per una Mar Sense Plàstic (sea without plastic) is an umbrella group for environmentalist and business organisations. It has demanded that Balearic waste legislation, passed last year, is "urgently" deployed.

This demand follows the publication of a report by the regional environment ministry that analyses recycling in the Balearics. One of the report's findings is that in order to meet EU and national recycling targets, the generation of waste needs to decrease by nine per cent.

While these organisations have praised the government for introducing the legislation, they stress that data point to the urgent need to apply measures that the law envisages. The immediate priority is the nine per cent reduction of waste through the implementation of the ban on plastic plates and cups and other single-use items.

An EU recycling goal is 50% by next year. In this regard, the group argues that efforts should be focused on the recycling of organic waste. The ministry's report indicates that only three per cent of this was reused as compost in 2019.

In the Balearics, only 25% of so-called light packaging (plastic bottles, etc.) is recycled. The group highlights the "dysfunction and inefficiency" of this recycling. "Every day, one million drinks containers are lost and end up contaminating the land." It is therefore necessary to introduce a deposit return system. The yellow rubbish containers, it is proposed, should be for materials, e.g. plastic and metal, and not just for the likes of plastic bottles.