Police in Manacor. | M. À. Cañellas

Nearly 30,000 residents are under lockdown in Manacor and a perimeter fence is in place to make sure no-one leaves the city without just cause.

Local and National Police checkpoints are in place at access points to the city from Felanitx, Porto Cristo, Sant Llorenç and Palma to inform drivers that they can only enter Manacor for work, to study, care for minors or elderly dependents, work in Healthcare Centres, carry out required actions before public, judicial or notary bodies, renew permits or official documentation or carry out administrative procedures that cannot be postponed.

These checkpoints will be operational during the 15 day lockdown in Manacor and Officers will also carry out information and surveillance tasks.

Manacor, Mallorca.

Manacor Mayor Miquel Oliver has confirmed that Civil Protection Officers will be making sure that people are wearing masks and checking that shops, bars and restaurants are following health and safety criteria.

Manacor City Council Representatives, the Directorate General of Emergencies and Local and National Police met on Wednesday to "optimise resources and establish priorities” said Mayor Oliver, who also admitted that more personnel are needed.

"The Ministry of Health has informed us that they will send troops who will help to keep the population informed and monitor homes where people are infected with coronavirus to ensure that they comply with quarantine,” said Mayor Oliver.

Local Police and Civil Protection vehicles will also be on the streets of Manacor to remind residents about the current regulations via public address systems.

Manacor, Mallorca.

Increase in cases

The Ministry of Health decided to put Manacor under lockdown after a large increase in Covid-19 cases, with 458 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 2 weeks, which is the highest in the Balearic Islands. On Tuesday another 30 new infections were confirmed, making a total of 214 active cases.

“Despite the situation in Manacor we don’t think it will be necessary to apply measures in the surrounding areas," said Dr Javier Arranz, Spokesperson for the Autonomous Committee for the Management of Infectious Diseases in the Balearic Islands. "The situation in Montuïri is not good, but there are far fewer cases and we believe that intervening in Manacor will have a positive impact on other areas."

The Ajuntament de Montuïri instructed residents to take extreme precautions after the number of coronavirus cases there doubled from 30 to 60 in just over a week and people have been urged to be responsible, wear masks and avoid having uncontrolled meetings in poorly ventilated places to avoid lockdown.

Manacor City Council has published a map of the perimeter fence, which excludes the industrial estate but does affect residential areas of Son Talent, the sports courts, Jordi des Racó restaurant, the History Museum and the Agri-food Estate.

Manacor Lockdown Highlights:

Residents can only leave the city perimeter to go to Health Centres, work, school, to care of the elderly, minors or dependents; to go to the bank; perform court proceedings or renew permits and conduct examinations.

Fora Vila:

Residents in Fora Vila cannot access the Manacor City perimeter.
Shopping is not a justified reason to enter the city.
Quarantined residents can only go to Fora Vila if they have animals in the field they need to take care of.

Son Talent:

The two residential areas of Son Talent are included in the lockdown perimeter and residents can access ​​Manacor and have freedom of movement.

Equestrian & Sports Activities:

Federated sports activities can continue, but a certificate of accreditation from the sports organisation is mandatory to gain access to the city.
Manacor Racecourse will hold closed-door races on Sunday.

Freedom of Movement:

Residents within the perimeter have complete freedom of movement within the city, but are advised to stay at home and only go out when it’s absolutely necessary.

Manacor, Mallorca.