Graph showing new positive cases on the Balearic Islands. |

Thursday's report from the health ministry states no fatalities and 214 new positive cases from 2,588 tests, a rate of 8.27%. Wednesday's rate, based on 3,132 tests, was 7.82%.

In the hospitals there are 113 patients on wards in Mallorca (a rise of three), 45 in Ibiza (seven more) and one in Minorca (no change). In intensive care there are 40 patients in Mallorca, seven in Ibiza and five in Minorca, an overall increase of three to 52.

Health personnel in Mallorca

Thirteen patients have left hospital and a further 103 people have recovered.

In Manacor there has been another increase in the number of active cases - 25 to 239 in all. In Palma the number has gone up by 48 to 1,487, while in Calvia there is a rise of four to 111.

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In other municipalities where there has been concern about increases, the number in Felanitx has increased by two to 51, in Andratx by four to 28, in Arta by six to 27 and in Alaro by just one to 23. In Marratxi there has been a fall of two to 99.