Palma Intermodel Station. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


The first conviction for breaking the confinement in March has been handed down in Palma with a repeat offender jailed for three months on Thursday for a crime of disobedience.

The defendant had been reported for non-compliance on March 19 and 25 and was detained by the National Police when he was caught a third time, on March 29 near the Intermodal Station in Palma.

The court heard that Officers asked the defendant to return home because of the lockdown but he refused, so he was arrested, taken to court and remanded in custody at Palma prison until April 20.

Defence lawyers negotiated a minimum sentence with the Prosecutor’s Office, which has reportedly been added to jail time for other offences.

Around a dozen people were remanded for repeatedly violating the State of Emergency and confinement regulations and they will be tried in the coming weeks.

The Prosecutor’s Office is requesting that the offenders be jailed for 8 months.

The first appeals against fines imposed for breaking the lockdown are also being processed in Palma.