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The Thief of Time

My ultimate star in lockdown has got to be the most ‘to die for’ gingernuts, which I now make, following a recipe I’ve had for 25 years and never got round to baking before.

Peter Clover11/06/2020 00:10

A peak at the Puig.

Spotlight on Soller

Shifting Sands

The Port of Soller has a few cafes open but most gave up the struggle, the first couple of days of being open showed them the trend.

Shirley Roberts19/05/2020 23:43

It is the time of the Firo and normally the place is packed and celebrating.

Spotlight On Soller

Firo, Firo, Firo

Firo 2020 will never be forgotten and has been catalogued in so many social media ways.

Shirley Roberts12/05/2020 04:01