Magalluf man sentenced. | Guillermo Esteban

A man who tried to set the owner of a tattoo parlour on fire in Punta Ballena in Magaluf has been jailed for 3 and a half years.

The 41-year-old Spaniard pleaded guilty at the trial in Palma and has been ordered to pay a 120 euro fine within 10 days.

The court heard that at around midnight on September 20 last year the defendant went to the tattoo parlour and demanded 30 euros. When the owner refused to pay up he threatened to kill him.

The defendant then went to a petrol station, bought 75cl of petrol, set fire to a wooden panel at the tattoo parlour then doused the owner’s face and body in petrol and tried to set him on fire. The two men struggled and several people helped to restrain the defendant until the Guardia Civil arrived.

The victim suffered bruises to his head, hand and forearm during the incident.

The defendant reportedly has a history of mental illness.