José Antonio Navarro, Former Calvia Police Chief. archive photo. | A. Sepúlveda


The former head of Calvia Local Police, José Antonio Navarro denies the corruption allegations filed against him and is asking to be acquitted.

In his defence letter, Navarro accepts that he collaborated with an agency and processed employment contracts for Leisure Centres in Calvia, but denies any kind of favouritism treatment saying he did not have the capacity to remove or reduce fines.

Navarro was one of the first people arrested in 2014 in connection with an alleged Police corruption plot which led to a raft of charges against the Mallorcan businessman Bartolomeu Cursach.

Defence Lawyer, Jaime Campaner, has filed a motion asking that Navarro be acquitted, arguing that there is absolutely no proof that his client took bribes or awarded benefits to a company.

Campaner claims it was impossible for Navarro to remove or reduce sanctions, pointing out that some of them correspond to other Administrations such as the Ministry of Tourism and exceed the capacity of the Calvia Police Chief.

He also demands that statements be taken only as witnesses to Guardia Civil and National Police proposed as experts by the Prosecutor's Office, insisting that one of the reports actually talks about administrative law, therefore it should be the court that forms its own criteria.

Campaner also took issue with a statement made by protected witness 1 saying the Prosecutor's Office has not specified why the witness cannot appear at the trial and can never be questioned by the Defence.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office is demanding that Navarro be jailed for six years and ten months.