A packed Palma Metro train on Monday. | G. Ferrer


Rail and Metro passengers have been complaining about overcrowding at rush hour that prevents social distancing and are calling for more carriages or increased frequencies.

The regional transport ministry says that on Monday there was a specific problem with a Metro train which, because of a technical "incident", had only two carriages; there are normally three or four. As of Tuesday, this train was operating with its full complement of four carriages.

For rail services between Palma and parts of the rest of Mallorca, on Tuesday there was an issue with one train which meant that it didn't stop at all stations, as it should have done. This meant that the following train filled up.

Referring to these complaints, the Partido Popular's Nuria Riera raised the matter in parliament on Tuesday. She criticised the government for having reduced the frequency of the Metro service, saying that "the stations are full of announcements about the 'three Ms'*, but then passengers can't keep their distance as the carriages are overflowing".

Health minister Patricia Gómez defended measures for public transport, pointing out that cleaning has increased and that there are more health safety facilities at stations.

* Three Ms are metros, mascarilla, manos (for social distancing, mask-wearing and hand-washing).