Etiqueta 'social distancing'


Protest in Mallorca

“Rather than declaring the march illegal, there should have been dialogue...”

Jason Moore20/01/2021 09:05

Face Mask in Catalonia


Thousands of Catalans return to lockdown as Spain fights new virus clusters

A judge finally approved the regional government's stay-at-home order for residents of the city of Lleida and six nearby towns.

Reuters15/07/2020 16:10

People wearing face masks


Spain not planning to make masks compulsory at all times, source says

The use of face mask will not be compulsory nationwide where social distancing can be guaranteed.

Reuters13/07/2020 15:12


Safe than sorry

“The government has gone from better to be safe than sorry to lets get moving...”

Jason Moore26/06/2020 01:06

Can Pere Antoni beach without a red or blue flag.


An "avalanche" of test tourists: the week in Majorca

2,000 test tourists had suddenly become 11,000; we learned that we'll be dispensing with half a metre; and flags of different colours were flying at beaches.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/06/2020 17:13


Brits abroad

“While the rest of Europe appears to be pulling clear...Britain is still struggling....”

Jason Moore04/06/2020 18:14

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

One letter is about social distancing and the Bulletin receives a Thank you from AA Palma International Group.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter01/06/2020 18:13

If people can’t be trusted to comply with a simple ‘no bonfire’ rule, how can they be expected to take any notice of social distancing?

Out & About

Fiesta or Folly?

As a Mediterranean culture, which through history has thrived on the habitual custom of outside living and ritual celebration, I suppose it should be expected that a certain mentality will believe that Covid19 will be beaten by holding some form of annual fiesta!

Peter Clover14/05/2020 00:20


The challenge

“One battle has been fought, now we must fight get the economy moving...”

Jason Moore02/05/2020 12:01

Caló des Moró

The Blog

Travel Has Never Been So Important

it occurred to me that the Week in Tourism column in the Bulletin might seem a little odd. If there is no tourism, how can there be a column?

Andrew Ede28/04/2020 09:53

Pablo Iglesias

The week that was

The family man dude

Pablo was very humble but also very aware, which comes from being a family man dude.

Andrew Ede27/04/2020 10:51

Tourists on the beach

The week in Tourism

Recalculating the tourist tax

Where tourist tax revenue is concerned, the original figure of 128 million euros is expected to be downgraded to between 12 and 24 million, a range which is optimistic.

Andrew Ede24/04/2020 11:01


Exit strategy

“The government should explain its exit strategy once and for all...”

Jason Moore20/04/2020 18:25

Majorcan rapper-in-exile, Valtonyc

The week that was

A rap for Majorca's farmers

When one thinks about it, Majorca is something of a doughnut anyway. Most of the population and development is on the coast, while there is comparatively little in the centre.

Andrew Ede20/04/2020 09:26

Presentation of the tablet to the care home for the elderly in Pollensa

Northern Spotlight

A disinfection fuss about nothing

Certain citizens complained on social media that the disinfection efforts were being given greater importance than local heritage.

Andrew Ede18/04/2020 09:12


There is hope

“Despite the Easter lockdown there is an air of optimism around the island that it will all be coming to an end soon....”

Jason Moore13/04/2020 09:38

To mask or not to mask?

My Column

Hospital Pizza Express

The haves and have-nots will have a totally different experience at this time, just like the passengers did on the fateful Titanic.

Anna Nicholas11/04/2020 10:11


Don’t drop your guard

Palma appears to be showing signs of life again, please don’t be fooled.

Humphrey Carter08/04/2020 09:12