Alfornso Rodríguez Badal, Calvia Mayor. | Ultima Hora


The Municipality of Calvia, which includes Magalluf, Santa Pons and Palmanova, is having difficulty putting together a budget for next year because according to Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, it’s impossible to forecast income in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The extension of the voluntary tax payment period, which ends next week, will delay the budget process, but once a study has been completed, Calvia Town Council hopes to be able to establish an income forecast and determine the expenditure ceiling for 2021.

Mayor Rodríguez Nadal met with Economic Services last week to specify Calvia's budgetary capacity for 2021 and hopes that the accounts can be approved before Christmas.

The Council is still unaware how much of its savings it will be able to dispose of when the 2020 budget year closes in April, but says the surplus will be “invested in basic aid and used to boost economic recovery."

Progressive recovery

Mayor Rodríguez Badal acknowledged that “the next budget won't be easy for anyone, not even for Calvia,” but is hoping for "a progressive recovery."

Calvia says the priorities for next year’s budget are to rebuild the Municipality; avoid the deficit and adapt the numbers to reality.