Festa de la Llum, Palma Cathedral. | Última hora


The spectacular natural light phenomenon which is known as Vuit de la Seu or the Festa de la Llum was on show at Palma Cathedral on Wednesday morning, November 11.

It happens twice a year on the Feast of San Martín on November 11 and the Candelmas Festival on February 2, when the sun shines through the rose window and reflects a perfect copy of the image underneath the rosette on the opposite wall of the Cathedral.

The fabulous explosion of colour from the 1,115 pieces of glass in the main rose window is visible for about an hour.

Hundreds of people usually get up at the crack of dawn and race to Palma Cathedral to witness this unique spectacle live, but because of the coronavirus pandemic the event was streamed from an empty Cathedral this time.

Festa de la Llum, Palma Cathedral.