Cala Mondragó, Mallorca

Cala Mondragó and the chiringuito.


Environmentalists GOB have issued a statement in which they say that they received documentation from the prosecutor's office at the end of October which clarified that Santanyi town hall did not have the administrative concession for awarding the operation of the chiringuito beach bar at Cala Mondragó.

GOB explain that they sent information to the prosecution service in February regarding the chiringuito, referring to possible "prevaricación" (a public administration crime which basically means a decision having been taken knowing it to be irregular).

The environmentalists add that attempts had been made for years to clarify the legal situation of the bar. Neither the Costas Authority nor the town hall, GOB claim, had been transparent regarding the concession and its legality. This was despite repeated requests from GOB and from the regional environment ministry. The latter now have an additional interest in that the bar will be removed under the revised plan for natural resources as it applies to the Mondragó Nature Park.

Having now received the documentation, GOB state that they have established that the tendering and awarding of the concession for the bar by the town hall has been done illegally since 2006. By way of example, they mention the award made in 2017, which set a value of 393,000 euros per year.


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JohnG / Hace 12 months

Listen up you GOB plebians.... US tourists happen to LIKE a beach with a straw hat beach bar which gives us somewhere for a snack, a drink and somewhere to shade away from the sun for an hour or two. It also provides a litter collection and ALSO employment for a few people during the season. Now that you lot have cocked up Es Trenc and brought about a litter issue within what was an idyllic beach now with no amenities, I suggest you all get your teaspoons and pastry forks out and gather up the dead posidonia and deposit where it was before as fertiliser on agricultural areas. Anti tourist? You just got 10 outta 10 in my reckoning and your lot just cost Majorca £6k from my vacation budget next year


Leo / Hace 12 months

Hmmm, no doubt it will go quiet again for at least another 10 years, the brown envelopes will have disappeared by then, and those responsible retired. If it is proved beyond doubt. No wonder the concession was sold a short while ago.


Dave / Hace 12 months

Get rid of the bar which blends in, but not the 1970's hotel next to it? These people are a joke!


Ricky / Hace 12 months

Here we go again. Having seen the destruction of marine life in my local calas over the last 20 years or so I assure you that I am a general supporter of GOB. But there are limits. The odd charming bar or two on over 300 beaches is not going to be an environmental issue, if properly managed. Plus, maybe they should divert more resources to protecting us from the dreaded cruise ships. As in everything in life, balance, balance, balance.