More dogs are leaving (adopted and recovered) than are being taken in. | Archive


In October, the Son Reus animal welfare centre in Palma took in 57 dogs, almost half the number compared with the same month last year.

Palma town hall says that twelve of these dogs had been abandoned, 21 were strays and 24 were handed in. In terms of abandoned dogs, the number is much lower than in the past two years; in October 2019 there were 33 and in 2018 there were 62. The number of strays was lower - it was 35 in 2019 - while the number of dogs given up was also lower (24 against 35).

Between January and October, Son Reus took in a total of 657 dogs. For the same period of 2019 there were 976; in 2018 the number was 1,262.

In October, 49 dogs were adopted and 24 were recovered by their owners, so the town hall notes that more dogs left the centre than entered it. At the end of the month there were 44 dogs. The total capacity is 108. Of these 44 dogs, the town hall classifies 29 of them as "potentially dangerous breeds", which makes their adoption difficult. A specific licence is needed to adopt dogs which are felt to be potentially dangerous.