Liberty of the Seas, which first docked in Palma in 2011. | Gabriel Alomar


The Platform Against Mega Cruise Ships has presented its submissions for the draft Balearic Sustainable Mobility Law.

Comprising some twenty groups and associations, the platform is calling for guaranteed transparency and access to information, the elimination of tax subsidies in ports, an increase in port charges based on environmental costs, and the elimination of discounts for cruise ships.

The "oversizing" of Palma's port is a "key" issue for the platform, which argues that the port has a "totally non-viable environmental, social and budgetary cost". "The health crisis must not invalidate the demands of citizens and the economic, social and environmental element."

The platform notes that the importance of reducing the potential pressures from mega cruise ships was highlighted during a recent meeting with the new president of the Balearic Ports Authority, Francesc Antich. "In the current context, with companies seeking to reactivate with the maximum intensity possible, it is essential to establish criteria and apply measures based on the negative impacts on public health, the economy and the environment."