CCOO in Lumsa. | R.D.


The CCOO union has registered a “denuncia” with Alcudia town hall that accuses the municipal services agency Lumsa (Limpiezas Urbanas de Mallorca S.A.) of “flagrant and unacceptable” breaches of contract conditions.

Street cleaning and waste collection are contracted out to Lumsa, an arrangement that not all town halls have; Palma is a good example of a town hall which keeps the services in-house through its Emaya agency.

As such, therefore, Alcudia doesn’t have any direct responsibility for worker relations, albeit that contracts typically come with certain provisos regarding working conditions. The union, however, insists that Lumsa has not been complying with labour rights, maintaining that there hasn’t been a salary increase since 2013 and that its employees are the lowest paid in the Balearics.

On top of this, the CCOO argues that municipal resources (payment of the contract) are being wasted because Alcudia is “dirty” and has “deteriorated”. “The citizens are dissatisfied.”

A copy of the complaint has been sent to all of the political parties represented at the town hall. One senses that there may be something of a political row brewing, while if the union is determined, industrial action could just be looming. The case in Alcudia is similar to ones in other municipalities, e.g. Manacor, where workers have in the past gone on strike.

Lumsa has the contract in Manacor, and in May the CCOO lodged a complaint with the government’s employment inspectorate about coronavirus-related working conditions in Manacor.