17-11-2020Youtube: Kiran Chance

A 16 year old english boy called Kiran, who loves Mallorca is suffering from leukaemia and his only chance of survival is a pioneering treatment that costs a fortune.

There are no words that can explain what my son Kiran has gone through or express his grief, his pain, his fear during all these months,” says Kiran’s Mum. “Seeing my 16-year-old son hear what the doctors had to say the other day was unimaginable, unbearable. To hear from your medical team that there are no more possibilities, there is no future.”

Kiran was diagnosed with leukemia (T-ALL) in January 2020 and has undergone nine months of treatment and a bone marrow transplant. He and his family were devastated when doctors told them on November 6 that the cancer had returned.

Three days later Kiran learned about a new treatment that’s being developed in Singapore. Only four children have undergone the treatment which costs £500,000 for the first part.

The family have managed to raise £417,500 through Kiran's GoFundMe page but they need a lot more.

Kiran was born in Spain and has very close links to Mallorca because his family own a house in Deya and have spent many happy summers on the Island.

He says the cancer has completely changed his life.

"At first, the side effects of the treatment were bearable, so I tried to keep going to school and studying for my exams, but we soon realised that our lives had changed dramatically and that everything was not as it used to be,” says Kiran. “I couldn't meet my friends, I couldn't go to school, I couldn't play any of my favourite sports and I couldn't fly back to Mallorca to go fishing.”

Kiran's parents are determined to do whatever it takes to save Kiran's life, but right now they just don’t have enough money and are desperate for help because this new treatment “is the only thing that will keep Kiran alive.”

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