The Son Reus waste incineration plant. | Archive


According to figures from the National Statistics Institute, more urban waste is generated in the Balearics per head of population than in any other region of Spain.

The national average in 2018 was 485.9 kilograms per inhabitant. In the Balearics it was 815.2 kilograms, around two-thirds as much. The lowest average, 386.1 kilograms, was in Madrid. By comparison with 2017, the volume of waste per person in the Balearics increased by more than sixty kilograms.

In 2018, 959,000 tonnes of waste were collected in the Balearics. Of this total, 737,000 tonnes were mixed, while there were 40,000 tonnes of glass, 54,000 of paper and cardboard, and 35,000 of mixed packaging.