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The tier system can be whole island or at a municipal level.

27-11-2020Jaume Morey

Coronavirus measures in the Balearics are to be determined according to a five-tier system. An extraordinary meeting of the cabinet on Friday approved this, with measures taking effect on Saturday after an announcement in the Official Bulletin.

President Armengol said on Friday that the points of reference for these tiers can be whole island, municipal level or areas within municipalities. The measures will be reviewed every fortnight.

The variables for determining the tier include the 14-day cumulative incidence, the positive test rate and hospital occupancy. At island level, Mallorca is currently at tier three, as is Ibiza. Minorca is tier two and Formentera tier one.

In giving an example of how measures might alter, the president referred to the curfew. For tiers one to three, this will remain as it is - midnight to 6am. At tier four, it would be 10pm to 6am.

Armengol highlighted the importance of ventilation, referring to hospitality establishments needing to instal meters to check on air quality and air purifiers if there isn't sufficient quality. She urged outdoor activity wherever possible, noting that town halls have been asked to facilitate outdoor space for bars and restaurants.

The president stressed that Covid "continues to infect and kill". "We cannot relax," she emphasised, while acknowledging that people are growing tired of the measures and that the health situation in the Balearics is better than that in other regions.

The five tiers - 0 to 4 - relate to the level of risk. Tier 0, which doesn't currently apply anywhere in the Balearics, is minimum risk. Tier 4 is maximum risk. Armengol noted that this tier doesn't currently apply to any municipality or area within a municipality.

In terms of 14-day cumulative incidence, Tier 0 is one to 24 per 100,000. Tier 1 is 25 to 50; Tier 2, 50 to 150; Tier 3, 150 to 250; and Tier 4, above 250. The number of people who can meet up will be determined by the tier. In this respect, the president observed that the size of social gatherings over Christmas will depend on the tier. She stressed that "the virus spreads, whether there are parties or not".

At Tier 0, outdoor social and family gatherings can be up to thirty people; indoors, fifteen. At Tier 3, the number is six both indoors and outdoors. This is the current situation in Mallorca. With regard to curfews, at Tier 0 there would not be one.

Tiers affect hospitality. For zero and one, ten people can sit at a table. For two and three, the number is six. A Tier 4, bar and restaurant interiors would have to close, with tables on outdoor terraces limited to six people. Capacities for shops, theatres and cinemas will also be governed by the tier system.

At Tier 4, smoking on the street and in public spaces will be prohibited. For the other tiers, there is no smoking on terraces and while walking. However, smoking is permitted if someone is standing still outdoors and is two metres apart from anyone else.

As an additional measure, Armengol said that masks must be worn in all offices, whether there are screens or not. The government, she added, is to employ 400 people in helping with compliance with this tier system. The objective, she stated, is for the Balearics as a whole to be down to Tier 1 as soon as possible and so have a cumulative incidence below 50. As of Friday, the incidence rates were 222 in Mallorca, 158 in Ibiza, 93 in Minorca, and 57 in Formentera.

A map of the tiers is to be made available, and periodic updates will appear at


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James / Hace 11 months

Why are Politicians so obsessed with there tier systems and PCR tests and confusing us all. I wonder how much time and money went into this. Money that could be better put to use in helping the people suffering the most because of there actions.