Thunderstorms in Palma. | Twitter/@PepAlcudi


Mallorca is still on yellow alert after a night of torrential rain and thunderstorms.

According to the State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, Campos had the most rain with 41 litres per m2 followed by Muro with 37 litres per m2, Santanyí with 37 litres per m2, Lluc with 34 litres per m2, Calvià with 32 litres per m2, St Elm with 30 litres per m2, Puerto Soller with 29 litres per m2, Artà with 29 litres per m2 and Palma had 27 litres per m2.

Aemet has tweeted the rainfall figures and some spectacular video of the storms:

The unstable weather will continue throughout Saturday with strong thunderstorms in some places.

Several people have tweeted amazing photos of the storms from all over Mallorca, here’s some of them: