The curfew in Mallorca is currently from midnight. | Guardia Civil


Balearic government spokesperson Pilar Costa said on Monday that the government is at present not in favour of making existing coronavirus restrictions more flexible at Christmas.

She explained that definitive measures for the Christmas period will be announced in the middle of December. These will take account of the situation with the pandemic and will indicate any changes to the curfew and capacities. Costa acknowledged that the measures are "tough", but stressed that the pandemic "does not differentiate" between holidays and other days.

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On tests for travellers coming from the mainland, Costa said that discussions with the Spanish government remain open to the possibility of requiring negative PCR tests at origin. She meanwhile encouraged Balearic residents who will be travelling to the islands for the Constitution holiday to take the voluntary PCR test once they have returned. These tests, paid for by the government, will be available between December 3 and 8.

Costa called for caution to be exercised. She drew attention to crowds that were seen in the city centres over the weekend and to travel to and from the mainland. She did not, however, offer an express recommendation not to travel.