Drone, Mallorca

Drone, Mallorca.

02-12-2020Ultima Hora

Four drones are to be used to make sure people are abiding by the coronavirus restrictions for parties and family gatherings throughout December and January.

Public Administrations Minister Isabel Castro announced the new measures after a meeting with Government and City Council Representatives in Palma on Wednesday.

She revealed that social media sites will also be tracked by personnel from the Analysis Unit of the General Directorate of Emergencies to prevent illegal parties and large family gatherings taking place in the Balearic Islands.

Attending a family reunion where there’s more than 6 people will result in fines of €100-€3,000 euros and arranging or attending an illegal party will result in fines of €3,000-€60,000.

Sanctions for illegal parties were introduced in July and since then 4,745 complaints have been registered. 87.4% of them were about individuals and the rest were about owners of establishments. 332 minor cases resulted in fines totalling 103,606 euros; 11 serious infractions resulted in fines totalling 80,050 euros and 6 very serious cases resulted in fines totalling 520,002. Four premises were closed down.

"Obviously we can't supply a policeman for every person, we have to rely on individuals being responsible," said Minister Castro who warned that Administrations will adopt a zero-tolerance attitude to those who don’t comply with the regulations.

Government Delegate Aina Calvo said people should avoid the temptation of risking a fine in order to throw a party.

"What is at stake is how many of us have to die before normality returns to our lives," said Calvo, “Health restriction violators are threatening their lives and everyone else’s.”


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JR / Hace 11 months

I wish they would spend the money on improving the sewage system rather than spying. The beaches in Mallorca are a disgrace and the government ought to be looking at ways to make Mallorca the best destination for holiday makers. It is the one asset that could make the difference.


Rich / Hace 11 months

Please tell me this is a joke article. Mallorca is now a police state governed by Armengol and her Junta. Next thing you know these drones will be armed with tazers, will we be allowed to shoot them down? This is now not a question of defeating covid, we have gone past that, this is a question of our individual freedom. Next is concentration camps for the infected....remember I said this.