QR codes for restaurants and bars. | Ultima Hora


The Government’s plan to introduce QR codes before Christmas for customers entering bars, restaurants and hotels is causing confusion and concern, according to PIMEM and CAEB.

“There is a lot of concern amongst consumers about the misinformation around this Government project,” said CAEB President Alfonso Robledo. “We've been inundated with calls which demonstrates the level of concern over this initiative. There are many unknowns and we don't know what to do at the moment because there's continuous changes and no decisions and that’s generating unrest,” he added.

“The Government is getting used to carrying out a policy based on decrees and preventing projects from going through Parliament, which is where explanations have to be given and approved,” said PIMEM President Eugènia Cusi. “We don't understand why we are being put in the spotlight when there are other Sectors with no entry restrictions, it's as if people can only be infected in restaurants.”

Alfonso Rodríguez, Spokesman for the Consumers & Users Organisation, Consubal is demanding that the Government supply more information about the QR Code App.