Vía de Cintura,Palma.

02-12-2020Youtube: Ultima Hora

Road Safety Experts have blasted the Government's decision to reduce the speed limit on the ring road in Palma.

"Reducing the speed on the Via de Cintura to 80 kilometres an hour is a serious mistake,” according to Road Safety Expert Antoni Cànovas.

"It is not logical that on roads with 2 lanes the speed limit is 100 kilometers per hour and on a highway that's lit up, with three lanes in each direction and no roundabouts it’s 80 kilometres an hour," he said. "The road from Manacor to Palma has two lanes and roundabouts and a speed limit of 100 kilometres an hour, but on the Vía de Cintura it's 80 kilometres an hour. It is totally incomprehensible.”

Antoni Cànovas, who's one of the most respected Road Safety Experts in the country says there are other options.

"The speed limit could be reduced to 100 kilometres an hour during the day and increased to 120 kilometres an hour from 21:00,” says Cànovas, “but they should consult the professionals before making decisions like this.”


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