Mallorca beaches and sewage leaks

Dear Sir,

I have been commenting about sewage leaks for some weeks now and I would ask you to consider raising this as a campaign. Mallorca is potentially a great holiday destination but the incidence of raw sewage being spilt into the sea is a growing problem and will destroy the tourist sector. Why should people come here and endure the 3rd world conditions that prevail?

Infrastructure spending, directed from the centre, is an urgent requirement. Forget spending on drones, bike lanes, parks etc and get the basic sewage system up to 21st century standards. If this is not done now, the tourists will just go elsewhere.

I have been to Puerto Pollensa a number of times over the past 20 years and I have experienced first hand the sewage leaks, the lack of signage when it happens and the distress when young children end up bathing in other peoples faeces. This is just not acceptable. This once great holiday resort is now unable to secure any blue flag beaches which is a serious indictment on the local government.

Do it now or suffer the consequences. The Covid record in Spain has already made many tourists consider other locations and a great effort is now required to win them back. Fail and this country will end up a very poor place.


John T Reeves


Dear Sir,
I have to agree with Humphrey. Please, also stop the graffiti in Calvia - all along the main highway, access from Bendinat ... Two the same. Do they use stencils to work faster?

Totally abhorrent and off - putting to tourists and residents whose joy is to live and spend in beautiful Mallorca.

Anita Dudley