Spain wants to welcome back tourists.,

Spain wants to welcome back tourists.

04-12-2020Marta Pérez

Spain hopes to welcome back tourists with no restrictions by March, the top-selling British tabloid The Sun said.

All arriving tourists must have a negative coronavirus test taken 72 hours before travelling to be allowed to enter Spain with many complaining they cost more than their holiday.

However, Spain authorities hope that these restrictions will no longer be necessary by spring 2021, especially for the Balearic Islands.

Balearic tourism minister Iago Negueruela, said that safe tourism should start from "from the end of March," adding: "First of all, however, there is the task of positioning, selling and explaining to the world that the islands are a safe destination."


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Liz / Hace 12 months

It looks like we are to be denied entry to EU countries from 1st of January under covid restrictions. Not much hope of a return to tourism for the foreseeable future.


Nigel / Hace 12 months

Socialism for you.


Andy / Hace 12 months

Check out Chuck on the Campervan comments. What a tosser. Fuck Chuck, he wants to ruin our lanscape with scummy people in caravans.


Majorca fan / Hace 12 months

Safe tourism from March? U.K. will have vaccinations complete by the spring programme started today. Very good. EU have not agreed a license for use yet. Report last week stating only 50% of Spain being vaccinated by July. Well below group immunity how can safe tourism start March. If Covid is present as liz states Brits will not be able to get travel insurance so will not visit Majorca. Many good Mallorca people are going to suffer if the Madrid government doesn’t do its own programme and ignore EU red tape


JR / Hace 12 months

Welcome back to the sewage on the beaches, the sky high prices, the surly service and go away brigade. Me thinks that many other places in Europe might be a better option. Mallorca really needs to wake up and take a good look at itself.


Roberto / Hace 12 months

The word "saturation" seems to have disappeared.


Lisa / Hace 12 months

So they have treated foreign tourists like pariahs, while allowing in hundreds of unchecked flights from the mainland.

This includes people with houses here and families of those who live here.

Then they think they can say - okay it’s over now - come back and bring your tourist euro.

It won’t work like that. The puppet government needs to start prioritising the Balearics.


Juan love / Hace 12 months

Profit over people


Liz / Hace 12 months

With the FCO advisory in place we are not insured for covid. No insurance, no travel. Still no mention of vaccines in Mallorca. I doubt much will be back to normal until September


Per / Hace 12 months

Other ways to ensure safe travelling should be considered. PCR tests are not a 100% guarantee. Anti-gen test, anti-body positive test or vaccinated persons should all be considered. Todays PCR test are slow, expensive and sometimes impossible to fit into the travel plan. Looking forward to updated and more flexible rules – with good safety.