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The Security Sector in the Balearic Islands is booming in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic recession.

Big companies like Movistar Prosegur Alarmas, Securitas Direct and Trablisa are doing a roaring trade with demand for home and business alarms through the roof.

"Commercial activity has been picking up speed since the State of Emergency was lifted and we had a record number of installations in September and October,” said a Sector Spokesperson.

Soaring demand has provoked a very aggressive marketing campaign by the main companies in the Security Sector on the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands.


The economic crisis has caused numerous company closures, put thousands of people out of work and thousands of others in ERTE.

There's been a marked increase in burglaries and illegal home occupations in Mallorca and that's making people feel very insecure.

The Balearic Association of Real Estate Services, or ABSI says Germans, British, Swiss and Scandinavians who own apartments and luxury villas in the Balearic Islands but are unable to visit them because of the coronavirus restrictions are doubling security at their properties to keep squatters out.

Demand for advanced security systems that allow the user to interact remotely has increased exponentially in the last three months and specialist technology experts such as Acudas and ContiGo are cleaning up, whereas others like AR Sistemas say “the crisis has caused a slump demand because customers have less purchasing power."