Polígono de Son Morro, Palma. | T. Ayuga


The arrival of Amazon is causing deep concern in Mallorca’s Small Business Sector and the Balearic Government says it will be keeping an eye on the online giant’s movements.

Comerç General Director Miquel Piñol says his department is already in contact with the General Directorate of Industrial Policy to make sure the multinational acts correctly. He’s also in constant contact with small and medium-sized business owners and shares their objection to Amazon's deployment on the island.

"We believe that it is unnecessary for Amazon to operate with its own centre in the Balearic Islands," said Piñol, who pointed out that the Government's commitment is to promote local trade.

He confirmed that Amazon is definitely planning to open a distribution centre in Polígono Son Morro, but said he doesn’t know the details.

Amazon has rented a warehouse in Polígono Son Oms but has so far refused to comment on its future plans.

"A greater presence by Amazon in the Balearic Islands would be very bad for small businesses, which are already severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic," concluded Piñol.

Playa de Palma

On Wednesday Miguel Piñol and Vice-President Juan Pedro Yllanes met with the newly formed Association of Traders of Playa de Palma to discuss their objections to a new shopping centre in Ses Fontanelles.