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Cortefiel & Pedro del Hierro in Avinguda Jaime III, Palma.

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High rents are driving traders out of central Palma

“Palma's Mayor and the Town Hall have opted for macro-commercial centres to the detriment of local proximity urban commerce..”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter06/10/2021 09:02

Bonaire business owners & residents launch ACIRE petition.

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Palma neighbourhood launches ACIRE petition

"It seems that they do not realise the damage caused by the pandemic and now they want to punish us even more by hindering citizen access to the centre..”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter22/07/2021 11:59

Small business bonds, Palma.

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Bonds to be launched in Palma to help small businesses

Palma City Council says it will launch an advertising campaign to encourage people to buy from small shops.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/02/2021 14:24

Casa Vila, Palma.

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Palma photography shop closing down

Casa Vila was a combination of a drugstore and a photography shop, which was traditional at the time.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/02/2021 10:07

Shopping centres reopen.

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Shopping Centres have reopened in Mallorca

At theatres, auditoriums, cinemas and circuses in Mallorca capacity has been increased from 30%-50% of the capacity allowed.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/02/2021 10:17

Businesses suffering in central Palma.

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Palma Traders call for urgent financial aid

“Every day that passes a business dies and this is unsustainable. Sales are down and there are no people on the streets..”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter02/02/2021 10:07

Polígono de Son Morro, Palma.

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New Amazon base in Palma

The Government says it’s committed to promoting the digitalisation of small businesses to boost competitiveness.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/12/2020 09:49

New shopping centre planned for Palma.


Green light for new shopping centre

Afedeco and Pimeco proposed the creation of a large shopping centre in Palma during the last legislature.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/08/2020 10:04