The new Esplanade on Ponent Nord Pier in Palma.

The new Esplanade on Ponent Nord Pier in Palma.

21-12-2020Balearic Port Authority

Improvement works on the Ponent Nord pier are now finished, creating a massive 36,000 m2 area to accommodate a large esplanade for bus parking, expand Maritime Station 4 and extend the berthing line.

The work cost 21,452,845.57 euros and is part of a project designed to meet the rise in cruise tourism.

Cruise ships have been banned from Spanish ports since March, but around two million cruise tourists are expected to visit Palma next year, if and when the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.


The area behind the old Maritime Station where the panoramic terrace used to be, before it became Terminal 1 and the tower that housed the old restaurant have been demolished.

The old alignment has been completely filled in, extending the mooring line in the Ponent Nord quay extension and brand new street lamps have been installed.

The Balearic Port Authority’s renovations fly in the face of growing demand to establish a limit of 2-3 cruise ships per day in Palma Port.


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Jelle plevier / Hace 10 months

This just shows how the government of Baleric Islands is full of tourism lobbyists. I'm sorry but everyone knows the more lucrative option is to increase hotel visits and visits by plane/ferry. These cruise ships should not be allowed to return as before to Palma.


John Feltham / Hace 10 months

Malllorca don't need these ships they are bad news they can bring covid19 with them don't let them come in 2021


Lisa / Hace 10 months

If Covid teaches us anything, it is that we must learn from our mistakes. Cruise ships are bad for the environment. They deter valuable tourists from cities - those who actually stay and spend their money. The cruise ship footprint is one of pollution and mass tourism. Towns and cities are swamped - with little benefit. For goodness sake least control the cruise ship feeding frenzy in Palma. Giant ships only bring giant problems.