Boatsheds or 'barraques' in Portocolom. | Ultima Hora


7 million euros is being invested in Portocolom to renovate and restore the boatsheds, or 'barraques' that are used to store boats in winter.

Last week, architects made their first visit to the area to assess the state of each individual hut and their access points.

In the bay of Portocolom there are around 150 boatsheds and the vast majority of them are in the districts of Riuetó and sa Bassa Nova.

The Ports IB project, which has the support of the Heritage Department, consists of strengthening the structure of the boatsheds, many of which are part of the pedestrian promenade.


The supports and ramps for the boatsheds have been severely affected by storms since the port was dredged, so they're being reinforced and the wooden doors are also being replaced.

The boatsheds were once the responsibility of the concession of Club Nàutic and its President, Climent Garau is providing access for the technicians who are doing the work.

"They will no longer be part of the Club's concession and will be the direct responsibility of Ports IB, which will also establish the annual fee for each users,” he said.

“Due to the precarious situation of the concession, Ports IB has asked us to collaborate to be able to provide access and check the status of each hut,” adds Garau. “We have contacted Club Members and have already collected about 100 keys.”