Shoppers in Palma. | JOSEP BAGUR GOMILA


Not even Black Friday bargains in November could save traders from the dismal sales figures that have plagued the Sector since March.

Turnover fell by 6.2% in November in the Balearic Islands compared to last year, which is more than the State average fall of 5.8%, but not nearly as bad as the Canary Islands where sales declined by 14.1%, according to the National Statistics Institute or INE.

It's the first time in years that traders haven’t made more money in November. It's been one of the best months for the Sector since Black Friday was introduced and marks the beginning of the Christmas campaign, but sales were stagnant this year, despite rock-bottom prices.


Sales actually fell by 6.5% in the Balearic Islands compared to October, which is twice the state average fall of 3.2%.

Sales have been bad all year, from January to November in the Balearic Islands there was a 7% drop compared to the same time last year, which is the worst figure in Spain.