Airline blues.

Trouble at the airport.


British residents in Spain hoping to return to their homes after spending the holidays in the United Kingdom have been turned back at the airport.

Two airlines have reportedly claimed their proof of residency documents were no longer valid after the end of the Brexit transition period with the EU on 31 December.

It comes amid stricter travel measures due to a new Covid-19 variant which has been blamed for a faster spread of coronavirus the UK.

Spain has banned all travel from Britain except for its nationals and UK citizens with residency rights.

Spanish and British authorities have said a green-coloured certificate of EU citizenship with a foreign national identification number issued by Spain is still valid for British nationals residing in Spain.

But British Airways and Iberia staff have reportedly refused to allow some people to travel to the country over the past two days.


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Colin Allcars / Hace 10 months

@Scotch - Why on earth would the EU want Scotchland leeching of them when they can leave them to leech off England?

You want Scotch independence, yet you’re willing to hand it over to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who dance to the tune of their Fourth Reich paymasters and their French poodle.

No EU country, particularly Spain, will entertain a region that breaks away from a Sovereign state. Just ask Catalonia and the Basque regions.

Personally, I’d like an English referendum on independence. We’d vote for it in a breath. I’d even settle for an English referendum on Scotch independence. You’d get that in a breath too.

The English majority is sick of whinging Jockroaches. Push on for independence and enjoy your ‘freedom’.


Scottish / Hace 10 months

Mark ,England & Wales voted out Scotland 62% stay, also NI we are being dragged out because we are part of the United Kingdom. No benefits whatsoever being out, exporters loads of red tape bureaucracy masses of paperwork, data roaming travelling to Europe, no health card. No plus points being out that I can see. Iam guessing Scotland will inevitably be an independent country again.


Geoff B Lee / Hace 10 months

More Brit bashing every single flaming article You lit really do need yo 2ake up smell the coffee and remember your a tourist resort that relies on Euros coming in and for dome one that has been well over 60 + times in the last 20yrs I read these pages and wounder why the hell I bother to come back ciiz you clearly hate the British


JohnG / Hace 10 months

Sounds like Mr and Mrs Badoer-Armengol are legends in their own living rooms. Considering I have been to Mallorca 50 times in the past 20 years and contributed thousands of Euros to the coffers of the Tourist Industry that employs thousands of ordinary people within that little island and have to put with the arrogance of the anti-tourist lobby, I will in future take my Euros elsewhere as instructed my Mr and Mrs Badoer-Armengol. Who cares? The local population that depends on Tourist Euros...... PLUS with the way this Covid disease is developing, I reckon you can wave goodbye to Summer as well as the Easter influx of Tourist Euros. Mr Badoer... Enjoy your -2C temperatures this evening....


Mark Badoer / Hace 10 months

People will come to Mallorca, no matter what. And this is what it boils down to. And JohnG, yes please go elsewhere: who cares. Mallorca will always be "the place to go", like it always has been. Unlike the UK, which will suffer more and more after Brexit. That is the sad future.


Colin Allcars / Hace 10 months

@ Son Fe Mick - As everyone knows, Menorca is the best retirement destination in the world! I’m sure Turkey and Bulgaria have plenty of topics that stir up debate and cause amusement for residents in those places.

I have not seen a suitable political substitute in the U.K. for the incumbent party, certainly not since Blair who had no qualms about lying in order to go to war in Iraq to please his master, George W. Bush.

Both Blair and his successor, Brown (appointed by way of an ‘old boys’ agreement), promised a referendum on EU membership in their General Election manifestos, then both reneged once they harvested the votes.

Notwithstanding that Brown left Britain bankrupt, and his staff thought it funny to leave the next government officials a note telling them as much, I see no credible alternative to the Conservatives for the foreseeable future.

Still, I’m happy enough here in that queue you mentioned. Life could be worse, eh?


Son Fe Mick / Hace 10 months

Nothing has changed. Mallorca is still one of the best places to live. It is undoubtedly the best place in the world to retire! Even the bureaucracy provides hours of enjoyable discussions at your local bar I'm not convinced that the same conversations in Bulgaria or Turkey would be as amusing As a life long Tory voter I will never forgive them for the lies and incompetence they have bestowed on the UK population. But what is done is done and once the current idiots are out and the British entrepreneurial spirit prevails we will survive and flourish I meanwhile will be enjoying Mallorca all be it in the long que for residencia


JohnG / Hace 10 months

Mark Badoer. The very fact that you live on the island of Majorca is enough for me to travel in a different direction to a Country or area that may depend and appreciate my Euros spend ( or Pounds Sterling if I decide to staycation in the UK in 2021 ). Yes we are out of the EU, so you stay where you are


adam / Hace 10 months

yes. sign of things to come. and from catalonians of all people. hahaha. lots of those Oldies voted for Brexit (no critical thinking skills taught in the UK pre 2000), including my mother in law's entire community in Costa Blanca. You can't write this stuff.


Colin Allcars / Hace 10 months

Several of my friends who had plans to buy homes in Spain over the next few years are all looking at alternatives in Bulgaria and Turkey, despite my best attempts to reassure them that these are temporary ‘blips’.

I wonder how many more people are reading about alleged Spanish hostility to the British, and how many are looking to spend their pounds sterling elsewhere?