The army helped prepare a temporary hospital in Mallorca

The army has been involved in a variety of ways.

04-01-2021Miquel À. Cañellas

The Simebal doctors union in the Balearics has asked the health authorities to call in the military if necessary in order to speed up the vaccination programme.

On Monday, the union pointed to the fact that the military has already played its role during the pandemic, such as with transporting vaccines to the islands, the disinfection of public facilities and preparing the Meliá Palma Bay Hotel to be a temporary hospital. Simebal also called for the likes of car parks at shopping centres to be used for vaccination. "This would allow a higher percentage of the population to be vaccinated in less time."

The union went on to state that the situation in intensive care units was "unsustainable" because of the number of patients being admitted. The "worst figures during the first wave" are being exceeded.

The IB-Salut health service says that it has ruled out bringing in the army to help, as the "vaccination rate is good" and forecasts are being met. Requesting help from the private heath sector is also not being contemplated.


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Lisa / Hace 10 months

Sadly the vaccination rate in Mallorca is not looking good at all. Please refer readers to the article on vaccination levels earlier today.

The health service needs all the help it can get. As does Mallorca’s tourist industry which provides most of the country’s GDP.


Zoe / Hace 10 months

There us no point in asking the army to step in if there are not enough vaccines available to administer. Army could still help in many other areas. This us a situation which has to be monitored by Health Service and they should decide if they require assistance. If they do, then every help should be given!