PCR test at English and Scottish airports.

PCR tests have been introduced.

08-01-2021PHIL NOBLE

People entering England and Scotland will have to show a negative COVID-19 test result starting next week as authorities try to ramp up protection against new, more infectious strains of the coronavirus from other countries.

Passengers arriving by boat, plane or train will have to take a test a maximum of 72 hours before departure, mirroring measures taken last year by other countries around the world.

"We already have significant measures in place to prevent imported cases of COVID-19, but with new strains of the virus developing internationally we must take further precautions," Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said.

He said there were concerns that vaccines might not work properly against the highly transmissible variant of the coronavirus discovered in South Africa, echoing recent comments from other government officials.

On Thursday, Britain said it would extend a ban on travellers entering England from South Africa to include other southern African countries, and non-essential travel in and out of the United Kingdom is restricted.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered a new lockdown for England this week after a surge in cases linked to another variant of the virus believed to have originated in the country.
Scotland, which like the rest of the United Kingdom has tight COVID-19 restrictions in place, said it too would require travellers to show negative tests and the rule is also expected to be applied by Wales and Northern Ireland.


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Bob Jolly / Hace 9 months

PCR tests are available but!!! Can they turn around the thousands needed every day for all the travelers both air and sea for a successful season? How many daily tourists even out of season are there?


Sara O. / Hace 9 months

@David: both the Juaneda and Palmaplanas (both in Palma) offer PCR tests with results in 24 hours.


David / Hace 9 months

Does anyone even know of private facilities offering PCR tests with a fast turnaround time in or around Palma? Is the necessary infrastructure even widespread?


Lisa / Hace 9 months

Whilst I totally agree with James, I would suggest that the only possible way to mitigate against these measures is to vaccinate the Mallorca population ASAP.

With a vaccinated population not only will locals be protected, but tourists will feel safe and Governments will drop Mallorca from the danger list.

It is the only way. Whether Mallorca can achieve this in time to save the season is another question.


James Martin / Hace 9 months

If these measures remain in place then they will inevitably be incredibly damaging for the prospects of the 2021 season and the Balearic authorities will need to devise some exceptionally innovative measures to mitigate their effects.

On top of the cost of flights and accommodation, how many families will be willing or even able to afford the costs and logistics of (1) obtaining a negative test within the required timeline before heading on holiday and then (2) obtaining another negative test within the required timeline while on holiday (with the risk and potential cost of being stranded) before being able to fly home?

Bearing in mind that all of this is now being required in addition to the obligation to still quarantine after returning to the UK where there is no travel corridor in place, British families are unlikely to be travelling very far at all in 2021.