Map of locations for The Mallorca Files

Map of locations for The Mallorca Files.

10-01-2021Mallorca Film Commission

The Mallorca Film Commission has created a map of locations where The Mallorca Files has been filmed.

The aim is to reinforce the promotional impact of the BBC series. The Mallorca Files' first series attracted some six million viewers, and the second series starts next month.

A thousand copies in Spanish and another thousand copies in English have been produced. The map highlights diverse locations, such as the Tramuntana Mountains, the Caves of Drach, Pollensa and Sa Canova beach in Arta.

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Roger / Hace 9 months

Please folks, don't get hung up over how many languages and whether one programme is better than another. The company that has produced whatever quantity they have, in whatever languages they have, have done so at their own cost. The issue is much more fundamental in that there is no integrated economic policy of any kind.....and without it many companies will continue trying to invest 'something' to try and achieve 'something'...consider what could be achieved if all of these resources were consolidated into a meaningful plan!!!! I suggest if you wish to make any criticisms please do so directed at governmental economic policy...think about it!


Phil / Hace 9 months

Lucky Germans. This show is a pile of second rate tosh with ham acting. How it got a second series is beyond me. 🤷‍♂️


Yogi / Hace 9 months

Only a thousand printed in English? A thousand in Spanish? Nothing in German? It’s a German co-production for God’s Sake! And they are just as important to Mallorca as the British market. This prog is being sold worldwide and only 2000 copies and NO online access. What a waste of a great promotional opportunity. Amateurs.


Lisa / Hace 9 months

Just as a PS I do love the MFs and the gorgeous locations. As an ex BBC Producer myself this beautiful island is a location scout’s manner from heaven. But don’t forget Night Manager ... billionaires paradise.


Lisa / Hace 9 months

Hummmm ... yes I’d like to visit the factory where illegal booze was being produced, or the drugs run in the backstreets of Palma... Just a thought, The Night Manager ... a rather classy take on Mallorca, currently on BBC IPlayer. Of course it’s all pointless until the vaccine is rolled out.