Supply Trucks in Palma Port. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


There may be some supply problems over the next few days after Storm ‘Filomena’ dumped mountains of snow on the Peninsula, blocking several main arteries and leaving trucks stranded all over the country.

Bartolomé Servera, President of the Association of Food & Beverage Distributors says there will probably be a slight delay for some produce but insists there’s no cause for alarm.

"There is no shortage, products almost never arrive on Mondays and they don't have to, so I don't think there are problems, although some stores may be missing certain products, which may be found in others,” he said.

Several supermarkets owners say they've been short of fresh produce since Saturday, because so many products come through Madrid and the Iberian Peninsula.

They've also noticed that people are buying more supplies than usual and stocking up before the new restrictions come into force on Tuesday, even although supermarkets will be allowed to stay open.