Palma, Mallorca. | Jaume Morey

The good news is it will be slightly warmer in Mallorca this weekend now that Storm ‘Filomena’ is well and truly gone, but there’s still some frost and snow hanging around in the Serra de Tramuntana so keep an extra layer handy!

Here's how it's looking in real time from our webcam in Puerto Alcudia.

It’s a sunny, but very windy Friday and black clouds will roll in this afternoon bringing scattered showers to the northeast of the Island, with daytime highs of 15 and lows of 4.

Saturday will start off cloudy and wet with winds gusting up to 80 kilometres and hour in the northeast of Mallorca, but the sun will come out at lunchtime boosting the temperature to around 13 degrees and it will be much warmer overnight with lows of 5 in the Serra de Tramuntana and 8 in the flatlands.

Sunday will be gorgeous and sunny with highs of 18 degrees, moderate-strong westerly winds and an overnight low of 5 in the Serra de Tramuntana and 7 in the flatlands.