Analyses have been carried out at Son Espases. | Teresa Ayuga

The microbial genomics unit at Son Espases Hospital's microbiology service has identified 25 cases of the UK strain of coronavirus. Sixteen of these are in Mallorca and nine in Ibiza.

The findings come from samples analysed over the past three weeks. The unit has been analysing suspected cases related to people who have recently been in the UK or because PCR test results suggested a possible relationship.

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The 25 cases are only those from samples. The microbiology service points to there having been more. It calculates that during the period it was collecting samples, under five per cent of new cases were caused by the variant. The regional health ministry says that although the variant can have more infection capacity, "it does not seem to be more aggressive than those that have so far been registered in the Balearics".

In Spain as a whole, 88 cases of the UK strain have been confirmed. Around 200 others are being investigated.